Senior Art Director

Updated: June 9, 2020
Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Job ID: 125579


Candidate profile and who we are

We are looking for individuals to join our award winning advertising and PR team, which brings together innovation and leading creativity.
Syneos Health is an integrated healthcare communications agency that provides a full range of creative communications services. The Syneos Health commercial division has a breadth of medical, strategic and creative talent that extends to our partner and affiliate agencies throughout Europe and the US.
We maintain a dynamic, fast paced working environment. Each day contains different challenges and opportunities to learn. We take promising ideas, turn them into commercial realities, and manage the life of a product or device from its inception to its completion (our ‘lab to life’ ethos).
We demand the best from our people, but in return we offer a creative environment designed to allow you to be yourself and achieve your potential.




Production/management of dedicated Concept ideation (see concepting skills)

On-time delivery of ideas, layouts and final artwork in collaboration with SuperStudio, communicating in a timely manner to superiors (CD+SSD) any workflow management/staffing issues

Precision and quality of visual aspect of work (including overview and revision of SuperStudio work)

Knowledge of and adherence to client branding guidelines, technical requirements and methodologies

Effective, efficient management of any internal or external, permanent or temporary collaborators who assist the art director in producing work

Keeping up-to-date on technology, trends and channels



Vital skills

Concepting skills: ability to create abundant original thought that is on brief, simple to comprehend, impactful and media independent

Both alone and working with a partner or group

Visual skills: understanding of photography, typography, graphic art, illustration, film and animation

Adaptation/extension skills: needs to be able to take an existing idea and adapt or expand it to meet local requirements of various targets, media and communication objectives

Interactive skills: understanding of and ability to create interactive (digital) concepts and interfaces.

Presentation skills: ability to capture/convey an idea with a piece of paper and a pen (concepts) and the ability to articulate with conviction and confidence a concept

Time management skills: ability to plan, prioritize, react quickly to situations and where needed delegate/involve others



Collaboration skills

Good English and German language, spoken and written

Able to brainstorm with any given partner

Ability to form a strong team relationship with copywriter partner

Ability to express own opinion and be uncompromising when defending quality but without being aggressive and causing attrition with colleagues

Ability to clearly express expectations and desired deliverable to SuperStudio collaborators and set realistic time allocation and deadlines

Willingness and ability to use technology to collaborate remotely with others



Technical skills

Deep knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite programs and Apple OS

Medium level knowledge of Microsoft Office programs

Must be internet savvy

Job Requirements


Minimum three years’ experience in advertising

If no experience in pharma must be able to show experience in other products where the explanation of technical aspects is vital

Portfolio of work must contain good level of ideas and executions across various media



Nice to have:

Work experience in more than one agency and country

Award winning work

Pharma/wellness experience

Good network of professional acquaintances that can be tapped into

Personal use of social media

Hobbies and interests that are compatible with and formative for professional role

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